The Sweetness of Ash…living in the Snapshots

I have an endless cold, and it’s kicking my butt. As a practical outcome It seems I’ve been living in the snapshots of life.

A quick lunch with a friend as close as my own heart, tales of hardship and brokenness, wonder and fear. The on going, never dying questions…how, When, Why? The pain of moments missed…communion with another person to far away to touch. {click}

Morning in the park, laughter of children….joy, and pain. Little arms pull and legs pump, knees skin, tears and squeals. Moms talk, that knowing talk of mothers who walk life at the same rhythm. {click}

Buds on the trees! lilacs are coming! {click}

Heap of fur…unmoving. Hard moments for those who love things that live. The knowing that yet another little life has ended. Bruised heart. I knew we would loose some, but it has just been so many…even the small deaths take their toll. {click}

The flowers are growing! {click}

The moment between two people. The knowing of it…the hardness of life and the deep desire to lift my sisters burden. Heaven knows…God knows, and he teaches…using every journey in this life to crack us wide and teach us new. {click}

A new bird at the feeder….crimson red like a jewel! {click}

When we choose to knit ourselves together…live community…take the time to love…extend a hand…to help or hold. There is beauty here. There is also pain. As we look honest and deep there is as much joy as there is hurt. And the moments flood…one over the next, and this is life. God give us joy as we learn to love. {snap}


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