Introducing….bad, bad Leroy Brown

Well here he is…the new resident stud muffin! After debating what to name him for a few weeks my mom came up with the name Leroy Brown. This morning over breakfast the girls and I listened to the song. Leroy it is! However, he doesn’t really live up to his namesake.


The hens are giving him a run for his money however, he is more comfortable now then he was a month ago when he first came to us!


This morning I watched him stand his ground with the largest & craziest of our hens. It was an epic battle…he lost. 😦


Our boy seems to have a soft side….one that I’m thankful for with small children and other animals around. He isn’t much for being held, but he freely allows me to do my work and would rather watch then start a fight.
Today I noticed that every time he comes into the front yard he stops to check on the bunnies! The youngest ones hop up to the edge of the cage to say hello and he just watches them.

I just have to wonder what he is thinking!

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