Getting the garden in…


Well, we got the garden in a few weeks ago, and I just haven’t posted about it yet. Last year we fenced a 60×120 area and put 10 fruit trees in on one end. Sadly, Mike thinks we lost 3-4 trees due to the harsh winter we just had. You can see the posts behind Mike, the fence is about 8 feet tall in an attempt to keep the deer out. This year we put in a 23×23 garden plot on the other end! So we didn’t just plant we had all the soil prep and border building to do.



Have I stated how amazing my husband is? This man never grew up keeping a large garden, but this was a project that he jumped into. I knew my hands were full with rabbits and chicken and children so when he mentioned adding a garden I sort of sighed and told him that it would be his project.


See the chickens in the background? They were even helping by digging at the compost! Stuff went flinging….they are amazing to watch. I can’t believe how quickly they can tun a pile of compost.

The deal is that Mike did the research and is largely in charge of getting things growing while I will help weed from time to time and when harvest comes I’m the one who will ‘put up’ all the food. So I’ve already been gearing up for the falls canning extravaganza with a group of other gals in the same boat. Many hands make light work!


Did you notice the watering system? Yep, he is amazing! This guy’s skills I’m telling you I’m a blessed woman!


Just a little side note….Mike built me a garden bed for some of the beautiful flowers I came home with from the Friends School Sale in May. (The sale runs every Mother’s Day weekend on the Minnesota state fair grounds it’s crazy amazing) I was able to get all of my plants in one weekend…and then the chickens came by…..




Yep, CooCoo Cachoo….our resident crazy Maran took over one corner of the flower bed with an intense dirt bath! She must have needed it! Sad to say the poppies my mom sent home with me didn’t make it.

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