Week 30….Water


The topic for last week was water. How could I pass up the opportunity to snap a few shots of this special place in my life? We just got back from a weekend away….oh, it was needed!




The shots I took of A&A just didn’t turn out well. We took them on a tube behind the boat for the first time this weekend! At first both girls were excited! They had their life jackets on and wanted to go fast! It only took one turn….just a little too quickly….to change their whole perspective. They were tossed from the tube and swam like champs while they screamed in fear an clung to each other. It was a hard mommy moment, but we did ok. One of the girls got back on while the other clung to me for the rest of the boat ride.

Mike and the girls got a little fishing in too! The point cabin is located in the perfect spot to fish on the lake! We just walk to the end of the dock and toss out some bate…it never takes too long to get a bite….even if it isn’t a big one.


This secret little place has been in our family for generations now, and is a total jewel! I am so thankful to our family for their open invitation to come and enjoy this little one room getaway! such a blessing!




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