Saying good bye….again

This is possibly an inappropriate time to be writing. Sitting in a room filled with chairs…hushed voices and kids entertained with the latest wireless devices….We are taking turns saying good-bye.

We got the call last night. This was it….our chance to say good-bye to grandma. Oh, the hope that we would make it in time for her to still know we were there. W packed our bags and left for the Chicago land at 9 pm….how do you say goodbye to years of love….warm hugs and laughter? When the hands that hugged and baked and clapped with joy….lay still in place. What are the words? Where do they come from? Somehow they make it out….passed tight lips and tearful sobs. Moments of laughter….the sweet taste of joy.

Grandma loved us well! She loved and cared for Mike years before I was around and when I came she was quick to fold me in…welcoming arms…I needed a grandma…mine had all passed away years earlier. We shared a love of food and she would often find a recipe she thought I might like and pass it along. I treasure her hand written note cards that are barely ledgable….maybe one of these days I will do a series on food inspired by those who have loved us well….she will be my inspiration!

As we said good-bye to grandma Mike and I shared all the things that we have been focused on here. Everything from harvesting the garden and canning to butchering our first rabbits. she mumbled something I couldn’t understand at first…hasenpfeffer! This lady wanted to know if we had made hasenpfeffer yet! Oh, I love her! When we returned home the first meal I made with the butchered rabbits was hasenpfeffer and it was wonderful!


Hasenpfeffer in memory of Grandma

We have had our fill of saying goodbye this year. We lost both of Mike’s grandmothers within a few months of each other. One of them, we have been saying good-bye to for years while the other…well…Penny grandma, we just didn’t see this coming. I am so blessed to have married into a family with loving grandparents that I could get to know! I am thankful for every conversation, kiss of the cheek and knowing look! Rest well with Jesus as you see him face to face now! Pass our love onto those who welcome you home!

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