A few moments…stolen away

I have to say that some of my favorite times are in the early morning. We are on a quick family vacation this weekend and we spent the night in a hotel at the half way point last night….

Inevitably this means I don’t sleep in. I was up with a bolt at 6 and there was no going back to sleep. I’ve spent a good hour sipping on quality coffee (Praise the Lord), reading , sending out a few emails for the flower business and now…now just a quick bit of writing while I watch the rest of the world come to life.

I’ve been thinking a lot, A LOT about comparisons. Thinking about all that they steal and rob us of….how often do we look at others and wish we had what they do….want to be doing what they get to joyfully experience? How many times have I gotten onto social media and just seethed on the inside….WHAT?

Take a step back Melissa….just take a breath and look. My life is Amazing! there are moments to be grateful for at every turn….yes, even the seemingly hard ones! How have I missed this super simple practice of giving thanks In the moment? It was modeled to me in my mother’s joy and wonder at life….how did I miss it?

Life has always been a list of dos and don’ts….things to get done or a specific mission or adventure…not the slow walk of admiration for all that I come into contact with. What have I missed?

My dear friend sent me off with loving words and the assurance that she was praying that we would have a weekend full of laughter and joy! Oh, what a great encouragement….thank you friend.

A moment, the look of great wonder and joy within my children…Oh yes, I am thankful! The day is young and the opportunity is great…the lessons are many, and today I will choose to meet them with joy rather then with despair! So much more to write…but the time is up….I hear little feet padding down the hallway and the giggles of little girls!

Applepolusa and other fun…

It is fall in Minnesota and when you live on a homestead and the hubster also works a full-time job….there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done! It is these moments when I breathe a little easier feeling the deep thankfulness that we haven’t taken on milk goats…..yet.


The harvest of our garden was wonderful, but it also took place all at once….thank you MN frost! The growing season here is just so short. However, what a great opportunity to learn about how to preserve and use items that are not fully ripe. I have boxes of tomatoes in the basement currently turning from green and yellow to shades of orange and red…if the mold doesn’t get them first…..one more argument for a rootseller in the basement! Yes please!

pickeling4 garden1

A few weeks ago I lacto-fermented carrots and cucumbers. I left a few of the carrots in the garden to continue growing and wowsa did they get big!! I also did a dry run on our apples. we have two mature apple trees and one ripens about a month before the other. I made apple sauce and thought about plans for applepolusa! I didn’t make enough plans….we Just got done with our Saturday of apple processing and although I am deeply thankful for all that we can store away it was a lot of work and next year we will plan to do it differently.



The men pressed over 60 gallons of cider. 20 gallons are being fermented! Oh I am looking forward to hard cider!




The ladies made and canned over 20 gallons of apple sauce. we made some apple chips in the dehydrator, canned more apple pie filling then I kept track of and this week I made some apple butter because we still have apples! How do we still have apples????





We only have 2 mature apple trees at this point….the men went nuts! I am so glad they did! Mike, Nate and one of the boys picked enough apples to fill the bed of our truck! wow! Nate went door to door asking people with trees if we could use their apples. It has always bothered me how many apples don’t get used around here. So thankful for the guys and all their hard work picking the apples ahead of time!


Bunny moving day!


Yesterday was a big day! Item number 328 on the list….move rabbits into their new home BEFORE winter really happens around here!










My husband, MIKE, is amazing. AMAZING! I really hope that you cant read too far on this blog without hearing that! This man, this love of my life consistently works hard and blesses our family over and over again. We have a lot of rabbits….those suckers multiply like….well….like rabbits?! They need homes….out of the wind and the rain and soon to be snow….Mike built them an amazing new home! Oh, I am thankful for his ability to construct something out of what was  before just a pile of parts.

rabbitmove rabbitmove8








As we moved the bunbuns (as we lovingly call our kits) to their new home they made a quick stop at the hose where we cleaned the cages before they were moved into place on the lower run.

 Our adult rabbits are moving into the top run of cages that are not removable. We have new feeders and our winter water crocks on order and hope to have them in this week. You may also note the nesting boxes in mama’s cages….yep they are all pregers again and we hope to have another batch of kits in the next week or so! currently we have the four adults, 7 youth that will be butchered just before Thanksgiving and 23 kits that are about 2 months old! We also hope to have the fodder system going up again in the next few weeks. We jut got our 4 bags of fodder seed in this week…we are going to have some happy animals munching on greens in the middle of winter!