Bunny moving day!


Yesterday was a big day! Item number 328 on the list….move rabbits into their new home BEFORE winter really happens around here!










My husband, MIKE, is amazing. AMAZING! I really hope that you cant read too far on this blog without hearing that! This man, this love of my life consistently works hard and blesses our family over and over again. We have a lot of rabbits….those suckers multiply like….well….like rabbits?! They need homes….out of the wind and the rain and soon to be snow….Mike built them an amazing new home! Oh, I am thankful for his ability to construct something out of what was  before just a pile of parts.

rabbitmove rabbitmove8








As we moved the bunbuns (as we lovingly call our kits) to their new home they made a quick stop at the hose where we cleaned the cages before they were moved into place on the lower run.

 Our adult rabbits are moving into the top run of cages that are not removable. We have new feeders and our winter water crocks on order and hope to have them in this week. You may also note the nesting boxes in mama’s cages….yep they are all pregers again and we hope to have another batch of kits in the next week or so! currently we have the four adults, 7 youth that will be butchered just before Thanksgiving and 23 kits that are about 2 months old! We also hope to have the fodder system going up again in the next few weeks. We jut got our 4 bags of fodder seed in this week…we are going to have some happy animals munching on greens in the middle of winter!


One thought on “Bunny moving day!

  1. such adventure you are having! Making some great memories. And yes, Mike IS amazing – as are you and those minions of yours!


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