A few moments…stolen away

I have to say that some of my favorite times are in the early morning. We are on a quick family vacation this weekend and we spent the night in a hotel at the half way point last night….

Inevitably this means I don’t sleep in. I was up with a bolt at 6 and there was no going back to sleep. I’ve spent a good hour sipping on quality coffee (Praise the Lord), reading , sending out a few emails for the flower business and now…now just a quick bit of writing while I watch the rest of the world come to life.

I’ve been thinking a lot, A LOT about comparisons. Thinking about all that they steal and rob us of….how often do we look at others and wish we had what they do….want to be doing what they get to joyfully experience? How many times have I gotten onto social media and just seethed on the inside….WHAT?

Take a step back Melissa….just take a breath and look. My life is Amazing! there are moments to be grateful for at every turn….yes, even the seemingly hard ones! How have I missed this super simple practice of giving thanks In the moment? It was modeled to me in my mother’s joy and wonder at life….how did I miss it?

Life has always been a list of dos and don’ts….things to get done or a specific mission or adventure…not the slow walk of admiration for all that I come into contact with. What have I missed?

My dear friend sent me off with loving words and the assurance that she was praying that we would have a weekend full of laughter and joy! Oh, what a great encouragement….thank you friend.

A moment, the look of great wonder and joy within my children…Oh yes, I am thankful! The day is young and the opportunity is great…the lessons are many, and today I will choose to meet them with joy rather then with¬†despair! So much more to write…but the time is up….I hear little feet padding down the hallway and the giggles of little girls!

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