The Christmas note…2014

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I have never been a fan of writing Christmas cards for the sake of sending Christmas cards…I love photos and full on, old school letters, but I could really pass on the standard Christmas card and mass letter. So, because we all know that this sort of thing falls on my shoulders in the Heyndericks house, I am starting a new tradition….the ‘Christmas Note’ blog entry. Welcome to all of our family and friends who did get our photo card and decided to swing by the blog and check it out. I’m so glad you are here, and now that you are, feel free to look around a bit. It’s nothing fancy, but I have to say the stuff on the homestead is great…and boy am I backed up on writing! I’ll include a bit of an overview here, but most of this stuff I’ve already written about on previous blog entries.

I started blogging here a little less then a year ago when I started to feel the need for a new space. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, but I find I am making less and less time to write these days…maybe that is a good thing. Our summer was packed full of projects on the land!


We put in out first garden and learned A LOT! We hope to have a little better season in 2015. We also completed the new garage…we lost the other one last winter with all the snow!


Mike was able to add a rabbit house to the side of the garage and all the bunnies are safe, warm and out of the wind!

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We have our first two litters in the new bunny home due next month!

A&A started preschool at home this year and they LOVE it! They are looking forward to going to ‘the big school’ next year…at this point we have every intention of sending them to the public school in the fall.

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Little Orange Flower had its best year yet, and I am happy to share that I have already booked a number of weddings for next season. I even get to do a few in the Twin Cities! If you would like to see more of my work you can find it on the business web page


We were fortunate to take a few trips and visit family in Illinois, Florida and Kansas City as well as a quick weekend away to the Dells with Mike’s Sister and her daughter. Sadly, we also said good bye to both of Mike’s dear grandmothers. We miss them so much, but we give thanks that they will spend this Christmas with the one who created them. To all of our dear family and friends we wish you a warm holiday season.

~Blessings from The Ebed House~

Week 31….Explore


Our garden has become a real and true wonder to me. Mike and I try to walk it together in the mornings before he goes to work and I am always amazed by what we find.



I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing my phone with me simple because I never know what there will be to find…and I just don’t want to miss it!



Mayhem discovered my comfrey plants and returns to them regularly when she is in the garden with me….they must have some nutrient in them that her little body needs! I don’t know how she gets past those leaves! They are the kind of fuzzy that wouldn’t be real pleasant in your mouth!

We have a nesting pair of some sort of finches that have made their home in an old bird house. I was convinced it was empty but when Mike went over to it one of them dive bombed him. They are small, but man they make a racket every time we head into the garden. I like having them there, and in the years to come we hope to add a few more bird houses and comfortable shaded places for them to hang out.

It is always a treasure to find our honey bees hard at work!



Week 25: Summer


I seriously wondered if summer would come this year. Months and months of winter bled into a cold almost spring and then one day I stepped outside and it was beautiful, sunny and warm….for a few days.

This apparently has been one of the rainiest Junes on record. Not great for the farmers….man those guys just need a break sometimes! Due to the cold spring many of my flowers have had a late start….I was beginning to wonder if my hydrangeas had made it…but there are green leaves showing themselves!


The irises, that the chickens didn’t plow down, are in full bloom and just lovely next to the house. The lilacs had a poor showing this year but I believe that had more to do with the great need for them to be pruned then with with the weather. They have now been pruned and trimmed back and they as starting their preparations for next spring.

The peonies and hydrangea should bloom along with the clematis in the next month….fingers crossed….I’m looking forward to the continued bursts of color!