The Bunny Tractor….an updated post from May 25,2014

Last weekend we had amazing weather and it provided us the opportunity to get a few projects done on Sunday! If you haven’t read earlier posts we lost our garage this past winter. This small devastation has left us with a number of unexpected projects on top of the ones we had already been planning.



Here is the great news…we could use many of the old materials in our new projects. Mike pulled the rafters out of the garage, and we spent some time staining them for garden boxes. Per my personal request Mike dropped the extra money on an all natural stain and water sealer….NONTOXIC people! I’m a happy girl!


We also used some of the wood and old siding for the new bunny tractor! Yes a bunny tractor! It’s just like a chicken tractor but it has a mesh bottom so the bunnies can’t dig out.



I would guess that it is made of 80-85% recycled materials! Now that feels good!


We used siding to create shade and Mike found a few old, small tires so that I could easily move the tractor from one location to another. You can also see the slit in the middle….there is a board that slides in to divide the tractor into two compartments. This allows us to put more bunnies out at a time…with out any shanangins.



As you can see they are happy to have grass to nibble and fresh air. The little bunnies are fun to watch jump from one side to the other! A&A are also having a great time collecting ‘treats’ and giving them to the rabbits! They LOVE the new raspberry bush shoots!




The little black bunnie is proving to be a handful. It’s a good thing we put the wire bottom on the tractor! She LOVES being outside!

Update: June 9th
The bunnies that we have been able to move out to the tractor are really happy. They are living there full time now that the weather is nice. We are in the process of building a second tractor and look forward to moving all of our litters outside once they have been weened from their mothers. Our buck will also be moving to this temporary home…..our girls need a break and he keeps busting out of his cage.