Saying Goodbye

With all the crazy that has been going on in our lives over the past few weeks I haven’t had the chance to write this post until now. A few Sundays ago we said goodbye to some dear friends. And it was a moment in life that deserves a little reflection.

Zlata has been a blessing to me in more ways then I can count. She is marked by kindness and love for her family and a strength to dig in and accomplish things that would frighten a lesser woman! She is an artist and photographer on a level I have not before had the joy of working with.

Zlata’s work is jaw-droppingly stunning, and she was a wonderful resource for me as I began my floral design business a few years ago. We had the joy of doing a number of styled shoots together and my work was published because of her dedication and eye for detail.





It was no real surprise when she grabbed my arm a few Sunday’s ago to tell me with excitement that they had signed a contract for an apartment in North Carolina! Oh the joy….oh the sadness!

Saying goodbye is never easy, but when it is for the good of another much off the sadness is lifted. During one of our last conversations Zlata. Told me that she was on the hunt for a film SLR camera with lenses. This would be of great value to her as she expands her skills and what she can offer to clients. As you may have guessed it is becoming harder and harder to find these cameras with lenses because they are just not produced for the market like they once were.


Wouldn’t you know it, I had a bag with two DSLR film cameras and lenses just sitting at home. I had pulled them out a few weeks ago trying to figure out what I was going to do with them and deeply sad that they were no longer being used. The camera pictured above traveled the world with me! It holds a deep and meaningful place in my heart. It was a bittersweet goodbye to an old buddy…one I had seen the world from many years ago.

Zlata you and your family will be deeply missed! We love you and we are so excited for all that the Lord is doing in your lives! I am excited to see your future projects and beautiful work as you capture the people, places and life of North Carolina. ~love you dearest~

Check out more of Zlatas AMAZING work at
And count yourself lucky if you are living in North Carolina on the receiving end of this families move!