Leaving Facebook? (Part 2)

The time has come…..I’m realizing that my world is just too loud, and a tool that was once wonderful is now a burden. The joy of keeping up with old friends, seeing photos of families grow and the off handed jokes that involve chickens are no longer strong enough to hold me to a space.

For weeks I’ve been drowning in one angry post after another. How is it that people I talk with in person sound so foreign to me online? People, our words hold weight! Why do we insist on dumbing our ideas down with insightful language? In a letter I recently posted to a dear friend I expressed it this way.

I wrestle with an honest desire to see and understand both sides of an issue, but there is just endless amounts of crap to sort out before you can even really ‘hear’ what someone is saying.

What does this look like? How will I stay in touch with people? Can’t I just unfriend some? Who knows!

What I do know is that my heart hurts and if people want to stay in touch I’m not going anywhere….I’m just changing where my voice can be heard. As well as how much I have to listen to.

As things stand today I am trying an experiment. I have worked the first step of purging most of my friend list, and I will likely do another purge in the coming weeks. I have also changed who I follow. If these steps don’t help then leaving will….but we’ll see. I am desperate to change some of the norms I have build into my life….they just don’t fit right so I don’t see the value in staying confined to them.