Week 27….Freedom


So I’m a little behind in my blog posting for each week….I’m attempting to catch up. This theme came out offer the 4th of July week. Most people in out photography project chose photos of events that were taking place over the holiday in celebration of the 4th of July holiday.

I went another route. Every day that our chickens can freely roam the yard is a day they seem to celebrate. They eagerly peck at the walls of the coop and start ‘yelling’ at me the moment they see me….they want out! there are bugs to eat and earth to turn….there are dust baths to be had and any number of small adventures….


I love our chickens! They make me smile just about every day.



20140724-080144-28904105.jpge have high hopes to start hatching eggs soon! That will be a whole new adventure! We have yet to get a hen to willingly go broody….but my fingers are crossed! With 13 hens running around you would think one would want to be a mama!