The new Garage is going up


I’ve gotten a bit behind with all that went on this summer! Most of these photos were taken over 4 months ago now! I still can’t believe how much work a small team of focused men can do! The garage was raised and set for siding by the time the men left after two days of work!




There is always food in this house! We believe in working hard and loving well, and part of that love is putting on a good spread! It’s a good thing too because those guys can eat!


Daddy got the girls and I up on the roof for a few photos and to enjoy the view! It was lovely.
We are so thankful to all who came out to help and for the amazing weather! Well it was a bit rainy the first day….sort of what we came to expect this spring, but the second day was full of sun!

garageHere is an updated photo! Next to the garage is the new rabbit home! For the first time in our married lives we can both park in a garage! Thanks again to everyone who came out!What a blessing! The rabbits are loving their new home out of the elements as well!!