Week 25: Summer


I seriously wondered if summer would come this year. Months and months of winter bled into a cold almost spring and then one day I stepped outside and it was beautiful, sunny and warm….for a few days.

This apparently has been one of the rainiest Junes on record. Not great for the farmers….man those guys just need a break sometimes! Due to the cold spring many of my flowers have had a late start….I was beginning to wonder if my hydrangeas had made it…but there are green leaves showing themselves!


The irises, that the chickens didn’t plow down, are in full bloom and just lovely next to the house. The lilacs had a poor showing this year but I believe that had more to do with the great need for them to be pruned then with with the weather. They have now been pruned and trimmed back and they as starting their preparations for next spring.

The peonies and hydrangea should bloom along with the clematis in the next month….fingers crossed….I’m looking forward to the continued bursts of color!

Week 23: Sisterhood


So I just couldn’t pass up the chance to post this photo. This week’s topic was S. We were given the assignment to take a photo of an S word to share. Sisterhood was maybe not my first thought, but man is it appropriate.

I’ve never had a sister! I got these thugs instead…..


Don’t get me wrong….I love these knuckle heads, but sometimes a girl just needs a sister and there are many times I have envied the relationship my brothers have.

As an adult it have been blessed to have a number of women stand as close to me as sisters….a sisterhood that we have chosen. Ladies, I am profoundly blessed by your grace, strength and willingness to speak true things into my life. We have carried each others burdens….walked in stride…who’s kidding, crawled….we have crawled in stride and we have shared many, many joys. You are jewels and I treasure you deeply. Thank you.