Week 26…Games


Summer tends to be filled with a lot of projects around here! It seems like I am constantly working on something….and with only 5 good months of weather to work outside we are pressed to get things taken care of.

I often forget that there are two little ones in out home that have zero concept of what it means to work other then that it takes mommy and daddy’s time and attention away from them.

So I was really thankful for our trip down to the Chicago Land area a month ago. Wee needed the break….and we needed to play a little! Grandpa Is always good for rounding up some way or another to have a good time!



On the last night of our visit we had a bit of an adventure. In the middle of the night the whole house was woken up by tornado sirens. The girls were troopers! I think they were so out of it that they weren’t even afraid….they just snuggled up in a blanket with their Bapoos (Nemo’s loving name in our home) and tried to go back to sleep.