The Topics

Project Life 2014
This is a photo project that I Joined this year. Each week our group is given a topic to photograph….the photos sort of beg to be blogged about. Each weeks topic will include the primary photo as well as the extras that didn’t make the final cut.

The Homestead
The Homestead posts mostly focus on the ins and outs of what we do at the Ebed House. We live on 8.5 acres in a quiet Minnesota town close to Duluth. I love my life….what it is becoming. I am a former suburban girl with a heart for things that grow. It is always an adventure, and I promise to write just as much about my mishaps as my successes….hope others can learn from my mistakes!

The Sweetness of Ash
Sooooooooo….you can’t be in my space for long without rubbing up against some heartfelt honesty. These might be the best of the blog….they will also, likely, be the worst. The changes in my life over the past 8 months have pushed me to process deeply…those changes, processes, and search for hope will spill out here as I seek to share the ‘real’ of life. I also hope to include the writings of others in this space.

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